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However, even the most hardened home-workers are used to meeting up with others on occasion and the prospect of a prolonged period in this new workplace can turn a productive environment into one of crippling creative block. In the absence of co-workers and office noise we find different distractions – tv, fridge, garden, comedy cat videos, pictures of puppies…the list goes on! We give ourselves extra tea breaks, and food for thought literally becomes munching on snacks ‘for inspiration’!

So how do we get over this block and achieve what we need to? Firstly, realise that it’s not just you. Just writing this blog I have had 3 digestives and a packet of crisps! But then I remembered the crucial unblocker – the Mr Muscle of the brain – talking. Don’t get me wrong, pets are fantastic listeners but not so good on engaging in a conversation (although I did once have a cat that could talk but that’s for another time).

Here at Banakedi we have started to use Microsoft Teams to video call each other (other platforms are available). This has helped us brainstorm with each other and get our creative juices flowing again. Make sure you write and keep notes because from these conversations a snippet of inspiration can be banked for later. We often start on one topic but simply by engaging with each other we generate other ideas for future work. When the days seem long and lonely then referring back to these gives us nudge in the right direction.

Talking to each other, our customers, our suppliers, family and friends also helps relieve the feeling of isolation. We don’t just talk shop either – however we do seem to have a daily conversation about the shops and which essential items we are running low on. We check in on each other, we ask about each other’s families and how they are coping. Most importantly, we have a laugh.

There are many brilliant blogs and articles out there on working from home and looking after your mental health during this time so give yourself a break, use the technology available to find useful hints and tips and perhaps move the biscuits from reach.

Stay safe, stay in touch & stay happy!

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